Fodor Gabriella



Economist, Engineer


s. 1979


I am a resident of Espoo since 2012 and I absolutely love it. I appreciate nature and the pace of life here in Espoo. The people of Espoo are really nice and friendly, too. I believe they are happy here and living a more balanced life with nature. I am an MSc Economist and Engineer from Hungary. I used to work for Nokia in Budapest and I also was an entrepreneur for 5 years here in Espoo. In Finland, I met a wide variety of people with different backgrounds and I found that one thing was common, that apart from their qualifications they all went through the same difficulties, either due to their qualifications not certified in Finland or their lack of language skills or the lack of opportunities to get to their first job interview in Finland.

Many foreigners, who moved to Finland, are feeling deeply disappointed, that after spending years of re-educating just to be certified by the country, their chances on the job market stays very slim, so their survival is based on them giving up their dreams and trying to accept different job opportunities, out of their comfort zone. I felt at this point, that politics could be the only possible way to speak up and share this information or initiate new ideas to try to create measures, that would simplify the regulatory system and stimulate entrepreneurship and new job opportunities. In addition to this, I found the Finnish political system as one of the most vibrant democracies based on equality and fare values and I always wished to be a part of it.

My focus points in the Municipal Elections:
– Stimulate entrepreneurship in Espoo
– Integration of foreign talent and their families to Espoo
– Better integration of foreign kids into the basic Finnish education system
– Elderly population of Espoo – programs to develop a sustainable support system for the elderly, eliminate loneliness
– The well-being of Espoo – more family-friendly opportunities to practice a healthy lifestyle and have more family quality time in Espoo