Komulainen Katariina



Start-up Entrepreneur



I´m a business savvy individual that passionately combines learning-by-doing and community building forming the future society. I´m also a start-up entrepreneur that has extensive educational background and professional footprint.

I value diversity, education, sustainability and entrepreneurship as a backbone of Espoo. Espoo 2030 vision needs to be planned and implement NOW. We need to maintain our competitive edge in international talent attraction and innovation hub for companies. We need to focus on building and bringing the individuals together from various contexts.

We all are different but we should have same direction.

Espoo is declining, that is a gut feeling by spending my last 8 years here. We should not comfort ourselves by being satisfied to the current state of Espoo – we all agree it is good now. We need to push and prioritize the Espoo 2030 goals.