Our Goals in Espoo 2021-2025



Espoo is for those who live here.

We are happy to inform you, that we are forming a new local member club for our international audience and people that are interested of the Kokoomus party.

The language of the local club is going to be English. If and when you are interested of the membership, please click here to join the group!

Resident orientation is of utmost importance to us. Residents of Espoo actively affect how the city develops and how services work. Here in Espoo, we can affect the way the city runs to make it even stronger. In Espoo, the voices of the residents are heard.

A good city is safe and has smoothly running public transportation and effortless daily life. Nearby nature, innovation and culture are important to us.

For Kokoomus [the National Coalition Party], culture is the most important cornerstone of Espoo. In Espoo, no one is left behind, and everyone is offered sufficient services in a timely manner. High-quality education, pleasant free time and functioning services are the future of a prosperous Espoo as well as attractiveness factors. The future of a prosperous Espoo lies in quality education for children and youth. Residents should be able to get medical appointments in a timely fashion and we must be able to ensure that they can age with dignity in Espoo.

  • Espoo is a city of education. In Espoo, we safeguard Finland’s highest-quality education, from early childhood to the university and on into working life. The university and technology campus in Otaniemi serves as an international engine for Espoo and all of Finland.
  • Social and health services in Espoo work smoothly, and one can age with dignity in this city. Living at home is supported in many ways.
  • It’s safe to live in Espoo. Support is offered to children, youth and their families to prevent exclusion and family fatigue.
  • Espoo is a forerunner in sustainable development, both socially and economically in addition to environmentally.
  • Espoo is a good recreational city. Nature close by, sports facilities and living culture are strongly tied to a pleasant city.
  • In Espoo, one can choose a mode of living according to one’s situation in life, needs for service and habits. Espoo will have open single-family areas as well as dense centres in the future as well.
  • Espoo will continue to be Finland’s safest city. Round-the-clock safety is ensured, from the city plans to their realisation.
  • Espoo’s debt level will be reined in, and our finances brought into a sustainable track. We are developing the city’s revenues by intensifying zoning, supporting infill construction, and continuing to try new solutions with an open mind.
  • We oppose a local tax and an increase in customer fees.
  • Espoo is becoming Finland’s most attractive city for entrepreneurs.

The learning outcomes in Espoo and in Finland are world class. This is a result of investment in quality education. For Kokoomus, a quality educational path, from early childhood education to institutions of higher learning, is a choice that we will keep in the future as well. Culture includes possibilities for hobbies, and in Espoo, each child and youth is offered meaningful free-time activities. A leading cultural city will offer everyone something: quality education, development of competence, possibilities for recreation, culture. We tend to high-level art education at the primary school level as well.

  • Espoo will continue to offer children quality day-care places close to home. We support diverse early childhood education offerings in which both associations and businesses have a natural role in the choice of services.
  • Espoo will invest in primary education more strongly than the national average in the future as well. We want to add individuality to our schools, in which support is given where needed and the gifted are provided the opportunity to progress more quickly.
  • In Espoo, it has been ascertained that pupil with a reasonable average are being admitted to high schools. If the average limits rise too much, additional high school places must be added.
  • Vocational education in Espoo is of high quality, and skilled labourers are well employed. This works well because of the quality local education and compact working life network.
  • Espoo must continue its ambitious school repair plan and it must be ensured through care of the buildings and the quality of their maintenance. Everyone has the right to healthy, safe spaces.
  • Residents of Espoo have the opportunity for lifelong learning according to their own needs.
  • Sports facilities are developed fairly across the region. Good trails in nearby nature are kept and new ones are developed according to the needs of the residents.
  • One can see culture in Espoo both on its streets, its volunteer activities, pastimes and high-quality cultural industries.


Social and health services work smoothly, and one can grow and age with dignity in this city.

In Espoo, residents should be able to receive health care in a timely manner. The centre of gravity for social services in the city is prevention, which is smart from both a humane and an economic standpoint. The availability of mental health and addiction services is secured, and access to such services is being accelerated. The seniors of Espoo are an active resource. When services are needed, we must be able to ensure that they can age with dignity here.

Organisation and production of services are supported by encouraging new procedures, which are part of realising the city’s strategy. Kokoomus invests particularly in the promotion of health and wellbeing through prevention, and the measurement of the effect it has.

  • Queues for health services are also shortened by utilising private services. One can get an appointment for non-urgent care at a clinic within two weeks.
  • A structural change is being made in social services such as children’s protective services in which investments in prevention are being made as well. In the long run, this will create savings in the most demanding services.
  • In Espoo, we aim to ensure access to treatment by mental health services according to the therapy guarantee.
  • The significance of home care and rehabilitation in services to the aged is being improved. Investments will be made so that the turnover rate among caregivers is as low as possible.
  • In Espoo, residents can have access to assisted living facilities with a higher level of care when this becomes necessary. The quality of services is good, and this is monitored actively.
  • Kokoomus is strongly opposed to the regional model, which would permanently weaken social and health services for residents in Espoo.

Kokoomus in Espoo is opposed to regional management because it permanently weakens social and health services for residents of the city. It has already caused high regional transfer payments away from Espoo. Kokoomus is working so that future changes will affect the residents of Espoo fairly. Cooperative work on a voluntary basis with Western Uusimaa is the most sensible way to develop social and health services.

Kokoomus is starting to develop the new system in SOTE [reform of health and social care] but is also preparing for worse options for the city. Preparations for SOTE mean that residents of Espoo will receive efficiently produced, quality services in social and health care in the future from the county of Western Uusimaa. At the same time, it must be ensured that the city of Espoo will take care of the tasks that remain under the purview of the city even after the SOTE reform.

Espoo should be the most comfortable place to live in Finland. It must continue to be possible to find homes here for different needs — for families with small children and singles, for young people and seniors. The cost of living must be reasonable, and, at the same time, we must ensure that residential areas are liveable and green.

It should be easy to get around in Espoo, both crosswise and lengthwise. We do not juxtapose different modes of transportation – different ways of moving around are needed for different life situations. Kokoomus in Espoo does not limit private automobile ownership in Espoo, but it wants to promote the reduction of emissions by ensuring smooth-running traffic. In addition to enough lanes, smooth-flowing traffic also means a sufficient number of parking spaces. Public transportation should work, not only on the rails. Espoo, as part of the HSL network, invests in emission-free public transportation, supports new public transportation, and develops Espoo’s internal public transportation, in particular its cross traffic. Walking and bicycling are an intrinsic part of a good city as well.

Espoo must remain Finland’s safest city every single day an around the clock in the future as well. Security is addressed both in the city plans as well as in the organisation of services, even at the preventive level. Disruptive behaviour and crime are addressed strictly.

In terms of zoning, the central goal of Kokoomus in Espoo is protection of the secure growth of the city’s original uniqueness and the growth goals set by the State. With efficient zoning as a point of departure, resident-oriented land use and construction goals are maintained. These are the political core of Kokoomus in Espoo. In the future as well, we want Espoo to be a city on a human scale with a predominance of small houses.

  • Espoo responds to the city’s growth by building enough of new dwellings.
  • This new construction is of high quality, and in it, Espoo’s most important local nature is maintained.
  • Zoning for row house, duplex and single-family dwelling areas will be added so that Espoo can respond to the demands of families better than currently.
  • Different modes of transportation will be developed so that all modes can move smoothly.
  • We oppose traffic jam fees, which would be in addition to the current high tax level.
  • Roads in Espoo are kept in condition and sufficient investment is made in connections.
  • There are no regional parking bans anywhere in Espoo. Zoning will ensure a corresponding response to the demand for parking spaces.
  • The scheduling of Metro and regional trains will be intensified, particularly on the west side of Tapiola.
  • The functionality of public transportation will be developed better to serve demand outside of the station area.
  • In the future, working life in the city will be increasingly based on a hybrid model in which the significance of remote work will grow alongside work at one’s place of employment. This development, and the changes it requires, are addressed in zoning and in the support of constructing information networks.
  • In the city plan, for example in the emergency plan, security is included.
  • The sufficiency of preventive services is catered for, and crime is strictly addressed.
  • Protection from infectious diseases is important so that the city can always help Espoo’s residents quickly and with enough procedures. This has been considered to a broad extent in emergency planning.

Espoo is a forerunner in sustainable development, and we are proud of that. Our goal is to make Espoo carbon neutral by the year 2030. The most important solutions for reducing emissions are reducing the emissions from energy production, heating, and traffic.

Espoo’s strength is the nearby nature in different parts of the city. During the corona crisis, the running tracks in nearby neighbourhoods have become one of the city’s most important services. We want to ensure that Espoo’s residents will continue in the future to have a short trip to the closest forest and that moving around in nature is easy. Espoo’s unique seashore must continue to be utilised better than it is now by improving private services along the shoreline.

  • Nurturing the diversity of nature is considered in municipal development.
  • Espoo is taking sufficient measures together with partners of the city so that it will be carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Espoo will be strongly involved in developing regional service networks and in utilising local energy.
  • Motoring without local emissions will be supported in the future as well by supporting the expansion of the charging network and providing incentives in traffic.
  • The local sports facilities, running tracks and parks are attractive and in good condition.
  • Espoo has a unique seaside, archipelago, and lake area. Their condition is cared for well and services located at the shore are being developed.
  • Liveability in residential areas is catered for by maintaining sufficient nearby nature in different residential areas.
  • Kokoomus in Espoo rejects an increase in resident fees related to living, such as for rubbish collection, water supply and storm sewage and other additional debts targeted at property.

In recent years, Espoo has invested significantly in growth and public transit in the city. At the same time, this has meant that the city’s debt has grown. The finances of Espoo must be balanced so that the investments can be repaid and that the operating expenditures do not exceed revenues.

Kokoomus in Espoo pursues a more fairly balanced taxation adjustment system between the county and the state. The key part of a city’s good finances is the continuation of a strong business policy which creates additional jobs and tax revenue. In services, good quality, the occupational well-being of employees and city finances must be balanced.

We oppose a local tax and an increase in property taxes. In the city’s finances, an additional source of revenue besides taxes is to invest in new earning models and ways of doing things. We will also boldly benefit from the know-how of businesses if things can be done more efficiently that way.

We want to make Espoo the most entrepreneur-friendly city in Finland. This means that the city’s permit matters work well, that there are spaces available for business operations and a competent work force is at hand. In addition, taxation should be kept at a reasonable level and the atmosphere should be positive towards entrepreneurship.

We want to make infill construction a practice in new residential areas in order to guarantee vitality and the utilisation of extant service networks. Infill construction does not require investment from the city, but rather makes it possible for the city to grow.

We want to streamline and speed up zoning and develop cooperation between authorities and developers. Zoning must become more predictable and more transparent for the residents than it is now. This can be done by developing an on-line service and by bringing an interactive neighbourhood level into it.

  • Kokoomus in Espoo opposes a local tax and an increase in property taxes.
  • We want to stop the indebtedness of the city and reduce the amount it owes.
  • Espoo is becoming Finland’s most attractive city for entrepreneurs.
  • Kokoomus in Espoo wants to limit regional transfer payments so that the city’s sustainable growth can be ensured financially.
  • Espoo is actively searching for new earning models, for example solutions involving local production of energy.
  • Employment services in Espoo function smoothly, and they can respond to the labour force needs of the area’s businesses. The municipal experiment in employment is being followed and developed further.
  • We will speed up the processing schedule for permits and plans to accelerate investments.
  • The most important services are prioritised together with the residents of the city, and they are well run.
  • It is easy to take care of matters in English as well, regarding matters pertaining to entrepreneurship.
  • We are in favour of knowledge-based immigration to support the development of Espoo.

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